Venture capital placards heat behind the hard truth of large and medium-sized insurance companies or-diqua

Venture capital placards the hard truth behind the hot: large and medium-sized insurance companies or Sohu taking over placards a seemingly normal financial capital market investment behavior, why the market caused a lot of criticism and speculation? Placards Party reiterated two commitments, regulators rare behind credit endorsement…… Such a variety of, it is worth the market for deeper exploration and consideration. "Bao Wan contest" the smoke is not scattered, sunshine insurance placards Yili (600887, shares) issue into focus again. In sunshine insurance, more like venture capital placards a signal to meet the changing situation of the tide ". In the industry view, with the CIRC strictly control on the short duration of insurance products on the liability side, small insurance companies in the capital market activity or by a certain influence, large and medium-sized insurance companies will increase efforts to take over or placards. In fact, the categories of asset allocation in the era of "asset shortage" environment, whether it is from the counter cyclical configuration or the equity method investment point of view, behind the confused insurance funds placards boom has its inherent inevitability and the hard truth, between seemingly different A stock investment targets also there is a convergence of internal logic. A number of large and medium sized insurance companies investment manager bluntly, love high quality stocks is the result of deliberate, not ‘shoot head’ decision." Large and medium-sized insurance companies or taking over and is active in the capital market placards before the individual small insurance firms are different, sunshine insurance is the domestic insurance industry in second echelon "bellwether", belong to large and medium-sized insurance enterprises. For the sunshine insurance placards Yili, insiders believe that this is the "insurance funds or placards a signal to meet the changing situation of the tide". Interpretation of the insurance investment ring veteran is: the China Insurance Regulatory Commission on the high-pressure situation in short duration of insurance products has been set, which is highly dependent on this type of insurance has been part of the small and medium-sized insurance enterprises, means that the asset side of the risk appetite will change, large and medium-sized insurance companies will be taking over or increase the intensity of placards. But not with placards and control between equate. From the view of the external expression of sunshine insurance, Yili placards just a simple financial investment behavior. We are optimistic about the development of China’s consumer market, optimistic about the development of the food industry, optimistic about the development of Yili shares. Listed companies as an outstanding group of enterprises, the implementation of appropriate asset allocation is a normal thing." But in the "Bao Wan contest", the insurance fund has been "demonized", neutral word "original sense" seems to have added a bit derogatory. About "Yili next battle for control of the speculation and criticism rampant, capital market has the potential for the venture capital placards fengshengheli. In fact, in order to avoid misunderstanding in the capital market, sunshine insurance placards date will have a clear commitment, "support Yili existing ownership structure, do not take the initiative to become the Erie shares the first big shareholder" and "within the next 12 months no longer holdings of yili". To further eliminate the market brought about by some overinterpret, yesterday afternoon sunshine insurance once again issued a statement, reiterated the intention of investment, investment Yili is a normal behavior of financial investment, and stressed that before making the two commitment will not change. Note the two details are: first, sunshine insurance.相关的主题文章: