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VR "iron"   let the European people swim in Chengdu personally on the scene – Sichuan Channel – people.com.cn original title: VR "iron" for the European people personally on the scene "tour" Chengdu "Panda" and the local people took pictures of a specially modified car, a two cheek Pink Panda is sweet smile, it stretched out his arms, attracted many blonde audience — this scene in Germany recently continuously staged in Frankfurt, become a scenery of the people talked about. Local time on October 21st – 23 days, large city publicity activities "panda fast iron? Through Chengdu into Frankfurt, unveiled Konstablerwache square and the Frankfurt book fair. "Can you take a picture?" "Hello.""…… Yesterday, just to the second field activities, "Meng Da panda will cause local public concern. With the panda, Chengdu once again become the focus of the international community, the scene of a number of people expressed the hope that the panda’s hometown – Chengdu look at. Chengdu city launched the first VR promo for the European people through to 10 Chengdu local time on the morning of October 21st, a specially modified car parked in the center of Frankfurt Konstablerwache square, RV, a lovely pink blush panda sweet sweet smile. This car is the debut of "panda fast iron VR Chengdu" activities in Frankfurt station. This car specially adapted, equipped with advanced equipment experience VR car, will allow the European public to "visit" Chengdu personally on the scene. A panda car open, and instantly filled with curious German audience, wearing VR glasses, is being staged in Chengdu VR Promo — this is not only the VR city Chengdu film debut in the world for the first time, also let Chengdu become the first use of VR technology to carry out cultural exchanges in the German city China. Through VR, passengers can immediately go to the panda’s hometown – Chengdu. According to reports, the Chengdu Foreign Cultural Exchange Association has organized the event to break the normal procedure, car form, is not only to echo films and VR to create reality and illusion, but also want the panda body painting, to bring Chengdu to the world of passion and tolerance, showing the cultural exchanges across space. On the train car body pattern, symbolizing the connectivity of Chengdu and the European Central trains — Rong European fast train. VR Chengdu, English "We are ChengDu" homophonic, this film will create special VR panda, Chengdu characteristic elements and the Chengdu international city development process just perfect combination, will bring an international tour city personally on the scene and experience for the overseas audience, enhance the awareness of local people in Chengdu. "Panda" around the exhibition site to sell adorable to attract European public concern in Chengdu Frankfurt on the third day of the Expo site, there are many naive "Panda", the Giant Panda Meng Meng quite fat belly, walking slowly in the book scene, attracted many viewers with the photo. )相关的主题文章: