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What happens to children with frequent blinking? Sohu in maternal routine outpatient, I often encountered because of frequent blinking to visit children, small 1, 2 years old, likely to be about 10. Not only was the age gap, they blink forms are not identical — there are waves of blink, have continued to wink, even with mouth twitching, throat clearing guttural…… So what causes the blink of an eye? First of all, the most common case, or because of inflammation of the eye irritation, such as bacteria, viruses, chlamydia and other pathogens can cause inflammation. There is also the possibility of irritating substances outside the body, allergic substances. The reasons for the characteristics of conjunctivitis, in addition to the increase in the blink of an eye, such as eye redness, itching, increased secretions, tears and other performance. In general, more children, because children especially active, usually contact with something more, especially easy to cause this kind of disease. General ophthalmologist in outpatient examination, not only to ask the history, but also to carefully check the signs of the eye. For example, the doctor will see the child’s eyelids open, the conjunctival inflammation, there is no follicular and papillary, carefully examined under slit lamp corneal fluorescein staining, if necessary. The most important thing is to pay attention to personal hygiene, especially hand hygiene. Often rub eyes, is to bring the outside world to the conjunctival sac, thus causing infection of the main push hand, so children go out or play to wash hands frequently. Secondly, bacterial inflammation available tobramycin eye drops or levofloxacin eye drops, 3~4 times daily, erythromycin eye ointment, 1 times every night. Serious person can increase the number of eye drops to every 1~2 hours. And if the inflammation caused by a virus, using acyclovir or interferon eye drops, 4~6 times a day. Severe patients need systemic medication. If you are allergic conjunctivitis, is the first to try to avoid contact with allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, followed by anti allergy eye drops, such as emedastine eye drops or olopatadine hydrochloride eye drops, again can add eye washing and dilution of sodium hyaluronate eye drops and other allergens. Second, a lot of children blink because of congenital entropion caused by inverted eyelashes, eyelashes touch the cornea cause discomfort. General doctors can be seen by the naked eye observation, but also can be observed under slit lamp, combined with fluorescein staining, more clear corneal injury. The treatment of this situation, in general, we first choose the way of correction, to minimize the friction caused by eyelash friction discomfort, serious can be corrected during the age of surgery. Third, we often see many school-age children watching TV or computer, IPAD to blink, in most cases, these children may have eye fatigue caused by refractive error. In addition to the proposal to reduce the time to see electronic products, it is more important to go to the hospital regularly check the visual acuity and refractive status. There are some rare causes, such as conjunctival foreign body, sty will lead to children with ocular discomfort and blink etc.. In addition to the above pathological factors, children in addition to blink n相关的主题文章: