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What is the taste of white tea? – the color, aroma, taste, shape and leaf base of the Sohu are the five major factors of tea. Among them, the taste of the highest weight is the most important factor in the quality of tea review. The so-called taste, is actually the tea water extract in the taste of the comprehensive performance. Component and the content of tea polyphenols, tea with different type, different tea varieties, different production areas and different production seasons and different ecological conditions and different cultivation methods, different processing technology, different raw materials and different levels. Scientific testing, tea contains more than 600 kinds of substances, of which more than 500 kinds of organic matter, accounting for about 93.0%-96.5% of the total; more than 100 kinds of inorganic compounds, accounting for about 3.5%-7%. The main nutritional components of tea protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fat; health care is the main component of tea polyphenols, tea pigment, tea polysaccharide, tea saponin, alkaloids, aromatic substances etc.. General polyphenols constitute the main component of tea astringency, caffeine is bitter substances, amino acid and tasteless substance, tea polysaccharide to sweet substances, these substances in tea, tea taste formed. The current national standard "white tea to taste delicious, mellow and sweet as coarse, weak and poor". Only 19 words, apparently too simple. I think the quality of white tea should have the following characteristics: Sophie: refers to the tea delicate, soft palate, a concrete representation is good to hear or see, soft long bubble is not bitter, or bitter taste is very light. Soft is the advanced performance of taste, soft is not the taste of light, but not without taste, this is a lot of people confused. Tai Chi is gentle, but we must not say that Tai Chi has no power. Soft and stiff, the corresponding coarse old. Cotton: refers to tea mellow taste and aftertaste lingering, entrance can even as a whole, long aftertaste, like standing on top of the mountain, overlooking the mountains feeling. Cotton and Guadan, thin, short or no corresponding aftertaste aftertaste. Slide: refers to the tea full and smooth, like a drop of water on a lotus leaf on the performance. The original meaning is not smooth, smooth rough. And the corresponding slip is acerbity, tea taste worse is the tip head like thorn throat, or tie throats as sharp objects, such as fishbone or stem throat or throat lock. Sweet: refers to the tea taste like sugar or honey, taste very comfortable. Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet sweet greasy. Sweet, like the friendship between gentlemen, the light like water, not greasy taste. Sweet, like the vicissitudes, the true taste of alcohol as All sufferings have their reward.. Honey, as men and women in love, sweet, some enviable. Greasy sweet, as interest, although very sweet moment, but the moment is greasy, tasted. In the world, there is only one taste of the sweet and the most beautiful. Live: refers to the entrance of tea or tea, delicious cool, fresh taste, rich in content, change level, savor every bubble is different, the artistic conception is far-reaching, long aftertaste. Good white tea is often accompanied by the ecological environment of tea garden, spring water, tea garden soil characteristics. As Wuyi rock, rock bone flowers and the wind, and like the tea trees in moss fragrant fir flavor, and as the Yunnan mountain Jingmai tea mountain air. And live相关的主题文章: