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Software There are the folks who love to work wearing pajamas, munching chips often thousands of miles away from the office in the .fort of their own homes. But the new generation bosses dont have to worry about this, they can still have a close watch over these employees just the way they have over those sitting just a desk or cabin away! Employee monitoring is the solution that most employers use in keeping a tab over what their remotely working employees do. Some .panies handle the monitoring to greater details by monitoring every single keystroke of their employees.This keeps the employees working from home as productive as those working from inside the office if not more than that. Perhaps this technological advancement in ability to watch workers remotely has increased the number of .panies accepting remotely working staff which is an easy and practical way to keep the office expenses down and have employees happy! According to Census Bureau, some 9.2 million people worked from home way back in 1997 which has got a straight forward increase of 9.5% with 13.4 million people working from home in year 2010. Though recently, Yahoo! cut down its tele.muting staff saying that it wanted employees to work together in more collaborative way. But there are other .panies that doesnt need much of collaborative work and feel fine with remotely working employees the only thing that these .panies worry about is if their remotely working staff is really working.Sometimes people working from home are found cooking lunch, watching TV or playing Angry Birds.Proper employee monitoring is the answer to this issue as it works really well in stopping employees from getting off the track or slaking off from being devoted toward their work. Interestingly, leaving out some of the really boring or less motivating work fields like call center job, most work from home employees show better involvement, and passion for their work, these are some of the most highly skilled jobs like software designing, and so on. Experts believe that proper monitoring and incentives and pay hikes work as highly motivating factor in keeping an employee productive regardless of the place from where the employee works. But does simply calculating a persons idle time, keystroke, and internet activities on the .puter system make a person stay truly productive? Employee Cell Phone Monitoring Plays a Special Role Employees may be working on their personal .puters or laptops and when these devices are monitored, they tend to have all the other fun reserved for their cell phones. And if your employee has a kind of two fold work profile that involves working on the .puter as well as handling calls, or dealing with people through the cell phone, there can be security reasons to watch over your employees .munication through the cell phone. An employee with lesser idle time might be doing work but this can also be his smartness in handling .munication, fun or entertainment through the cell phone simultaneously. This may lead to mistakes and mismanagement of work. But when your employee monitoring scheme includes cell phone monitoring keeping a proper watch over everything that the employee does on the cell phone like .munication through calls, texts or through instant messaging; Inter. activities; calendars and appointments saved and so on, there is a better improvement in the employee productivity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: