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When to open the double flash? Many older drivers have smatter! Sohu – car called "double flash hazard warning lamp", commonly known as "double jump lights" is a signal lamp on the car, to warn other vehicles and pedestrians to notice the car lights happened in special circumstances. The indiscriminate use of double flash not only being "greeting" is not safe, today will give you the correct usage of brick TERT universal double flash. NO.1 temporary parking roadside temporary parking situation is very common, it is most likely to ignore the safety of the moment, must open the double flash at this time, to make the rear car even found their parking state, especially in the non motorized road or route through parking. NO.2 traction fault car traction motor failures, towing and towed vehicles shall open the double flash, to remind others to pay attention to your car in a non normal state, to avoid. NO.3 vehicle malfunction or traffic accident in the running process of the road in the sudden vehicle malfunction or accident, can not be moved to safe areas, should immediately turn on the hazard lights to remind the passing vehicles and pedestrians Caution!, and timely alarm, waiting for rescue. NO.4 the traffic police department allowed the team that we should pay attention to the traffic police department, must be through the declaration and allowed the team to use the double flashing lights on the road, but no declaration of approval of the team, using the double flash in the driving behavior is not permitted by law. The laws and regulations of our country highway NO.5 encountered bad weather when the vehicle runs on the expressway in fog, rain, snow, dust, hail and other low visibility less than 100 meters, open fog lamps, lamp, lamp, lamp and profile and hazard warning lamp, the speed should not exceed 40km h, keep a distance of 50 meters or more the lane with the vehicle in front. Note that can open the double flash only in line with the above conditions at the same time, ordinary rain do not need to open the double flash, after all, double flash most vehicles will turn light shielding function, the car can not accurately judge the car running state. Summary: Brick TERT in China, the use of double flash has a very strict requirements, not only to consider their own safety, does not affect other vehicles. Similar to the normal vehicle, but the driving speed of the phenomenon of double flash drive is not uncommon, brick uncle called here to set an example, please believe: with the safety, and security!相关的主题文章: