With no increase in prices caused by the new Guangzhou TOYOTA drive new network – Hyun reshacker

With no increase in prices drive Guangzhou TOYOTA new dazzle – Beijing, Beijing, September 1, today, to buy a car for most people is not what burden. For young people, with the life of the first car of the moment, the kind of excitement has been unforgettable. Indeed, whether it is their own efforts to earn money to buy a car, or a sponsor of the parents, it is worth recalling the car or this experience, cost-effective, safe, and the appearance of the interior of the dynamic performance of the purchase decision. The author believes that, as the first car in life, choose more suitable for their age, and the most cost-effective. Nowadays, for young people in the A-class car market, joint ventures, and independent import car a car to a superb collection of beautiful things, which is suitable for yourself? In August 11th, the A-class car dazzle GAC TOYOTA new announced facelift listing, compared to the previous generation models, equipped with a S-CVT super intelligent CVT (simulation 8 speed); at the same level models, the first line comes standard with vehicle stability control system (VSC), traction control system (TRC), hill start assist the function (HAC) and TOYOTA SMART STOP intelligent oil saving start stop system, greatly enhance the safety performance, fuel economy leading level. However, the increase in these configurations, the price of the new Hyun did not enhance. Appearance, new to dazzle and a model comparison, appearance is very difficult to see what major changes, is still a family KEEN-LOOK design language, the front bumper and headlight assembly and fog area has been adjusted, the new daytime running lights. Although the family of KEEN-LOOK language, in the new Dazzle is more dynamic, relaxation and bold lines, passionate young people stay consistent. In addition, on the basis of a new type of color, the new addition of lemon yellow style. The original models on "bright green" color is cancelled, and the sky white, silver, black, blue, trenging Aurora coral red, orange and other six kinds of lightning colors are preserved. The new dazzle 2550mm wheelbase, and 1460mm-1470mm wheelbase in many A-class car test drive, dazzle space height are more than sufficient to cope with 180MM I. 35 friends travel together, the new Hyun fully competent. Power, the new Hyun is still 1.3L and 1.5L two power configuration. 1.5L engine maximum power 79kW, transmission efficiency, power is sufficient; the choice of 1.3L, while the maximum torque is only 123Nm, 17Nm drop compared to 1.5L, the output in the junior high school trip may throttle weak; but compared to its maximum power is only 1.5L less 6kW, after the throttle of the engine to improve the speed, but also dashing. To be safe and energy saving, the new dazzle line comes standard with VSC vehicle stability control system, TRC traction control system, HAC system and TOYOTA SMART uphill starting auxiliary fuel STOP intelligent start stop system. This is also rare in A-class cars. The new dazzle and then add these pragmatic configuration, the price?相关的主题文章: