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With the spirit of luxury: in addition to love! Sohu eating and drinking Huai Shi Cuisine: in addition to love the spirit of luxury You are the butter bread and breath to my life. – "Julie and Julia", "how are you?" "to my the"" How long have you never received a handwritten letter, the moment was thumping heart ready? How long have you been writing a letter, listening to the pen on paper rustling sound? The abundance of the moment, what is a real luxury? Slow down, looking for long lost, lost, warm and quiet…… Because of scarcity, so. You’ll see。 Bamboo Tong, met years ago of oneself. To do this than thousands and thousands of words, saying: "I’m OK" friends often ask: "how long have you not love?" I am embarrassed, only turned a supercilious look to say: "the feeling of love, that what is there?" Friends will soon fill a sentence: "how many people?! Talk to me about it, you’re your first love…" I had to lower his head, playing with a cup of straw on the table, leisurely said: "love is like eating… Eat a meal every day, every dish, seems commonplace, but to find you love color, is the most difficult thing!" There are thousands of troubles in this world, only love can not live up to the delicacy and. Slow down, looking for long lost, lost, warm and quiet…… Love and food. Zhu Tang Li × village health bamboo Tong, people seem to be stored can not accommodate the feelings of good. The main kaiseki bamboo Tong, for the chef here: Michelin is a village master of health, food like "making love", this is repeated diners and intraday delicacy from acquaintance, love to know each other, finally blending process. So here from the environment, food to food ingredients, food, including food etiquette reflects the highest level of Japanese cuisine – all people face food and love, should be so care. Michelin master: the village health step scene, bamboo, birds, Deep Creek trickle. Each corner is a combination of landscape, natural theme. Verdant leaves green, each person into nano arms, pitch between is green, the flowers suffused with breath. Zhu Tang Li Restaurant Outdoor picture all the materials only a year of seasonal ingredients, in the importance of season. At the same time, maximize the use of their own food color, aroma and taste, the fish are from overseas procurement from the air, and some in the procurement to the local to fresh ingredients, in the selection of ingredients used. Assorted tempura fried grilled codfish fantasy a leisurely afternoon, you sit at the window, listening to the gurgling water, enjoy the exquisite Michelin master action, block the ingredients in the hands of master as if by magic, the moment turned into art on the tongue. The sun through the window, if相关的主题文章: