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Yesterday, Xi’an air quality multi period is "excellent" the next three days good newspaper news (reporter High Music) a heavy snow drifting profusely and disorderly city snow, also the end of the day to day even haze, bring the fresh air as you like Sanya. Air quality monitoring system shows that yesterday morning, the city’s air quality for more than 9 hours, excellent, continued heavy weather emergency response has also been lifted. Every time the cold air hit, the city will be a cleaning. Data released by the official website of the Ministry of environmental protection, November 22nd morning, Xi’an air quality continued to be good. 6, the air quality index is 50, which belongs to the "excellent", although the concentration of PM2.5 in 7 and 8 when increased, causing air quality index to "good", but in 9, the air quality index reached 33, becoming "". 13, the air quality index in our city is only 28, comparable to Sanya, the air quality of Lhasa. The city’s 13 monitoring stations are in the "good" state, the green light bulb on behalf of "excellent" air quality as main color icon, which through the open area of the air quality index is only 17, Qujiang district was 23, the air is very fresh. With the arrival of cold air and snow process, meteorological conditions in our city is conducive to the spread of pollutants and removal, 21 days from 18 onwards, good state environmental air quality continued in the environmental protection, the meteorological department in consultation, combined with the province, the city is expected to predict the next three days, the air quality will be in a good overall level. In November 9, 2016, the city issued a heavy pollution weather grade blue warning, in November 14th, the city started the heavy pollution weather emergency response grade III, which upgraded to grade II, as of yesterday, the emergency response has lasted 9 days. According to the Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency plan (Revised Draft), air quality improvement (AQI< 100), heavy pollution weather emergency response will be lifted. Note: video only for extended reading. Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the first three quarters of this year, the worst air quality in the top ten cities in Hebei accounted for 6 seats相关的主题文章: