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Xinjiang for more than 1 pieces of Party discipline 11635– local leaders — original title: [Xinjiang] to see the effectiveness of data filing more than 1 pieces of Party discipline 11635 Party since eighteen, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region continues to promote the discipline inspection system, strengthen the positive wind anti-corruption efforts to clean government and anti-corruption struggle and achieved remarkable results. Autonomous Commission for Discipline Inspection to identify the duties and responsibilities, and strengthen supervision and discipline of accountability. The integration and optimization of internal organs, put more resources and power to the supervision and discipline of accountability. As of now, after two rounds of reform, autonomous Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision room increased from 4 to 7, and institutions directly engaged in the discipline and accountability in up to 12, accounting for 66.7% of the total organ preparation; 14 prefectures and 96 counties discipline to complete the adjustment of internal organs in the reform. The supervision and discipline of accountability of the main internal organs and personnel accounting reached more than 66%. The clean-up procedure of the coordinating, after three rounds of adjustment, discipline inspection and supervision department of the autonomous region leadership and participation in the deliberation and coordination agencies decreased from 128 to 19, reduced rate of 85%; 14 prefectures, 96 counties discipline reduction rate of more than 70%. In July this year, the Autonomous Region Party committee approved "on the full implementation of the autonomous region discipline discipline inspection bodies accredited to the autonomous region level party and government organs of the plan", adhere to the combination of comprehensive and separate stationed stationed, plans to set up the discipline inspection bodies accredited 39, of which 19 separate, comprehensive stationed stationed 20, supervision unit 108. The first office in the Autonomous Region Party committee office, the NPC organs, government office, CPPCC organs and Party Committee Organization Department, propaganda department, the United Front Work Department of the new 7 and adjust the autonomous Commission for Discipline Inspection of the discipline inspection group stationed in place, the other 32 stationed discipline inspection agencies will be fully in place by the end of the year. The formulation and implementation of "autonomous region discipline inspection organs to implement the supervision and discipline of" four form "implementation measures (Provisional)", the supervision and discipline of "four form" of the new concept in the discipline inspection system reform requirements, reflected in the changing ideas, innovative ways, highlighting the discipline characteristics, let the biting ear pull sleeve, red sweating has become the norm. Only in 2016 1 to August, the region at all levels of the discipline inspection organs conversation letter consultation 746 times, an increase of 149.5%. Party organizations at all levels in the autonomous region to implement accountability of 246 party members and leading cadres to implement the responsibility to manage the party rule ineffective, the release of default will ask, ask a strong signal will be strict liability. Continue to increase inspection efforts, complete with strong patrol force. Inspection teams increased from 5 to 11, each group increased from 6 to 9. Establish and improve the inspection team leader talent pool, patrol talent pool, adhere to the head of the inspection team, patrol areas and units, inspection teams and the relationship between the inspection object three is not fixed, the inspection team leader once authorized. Take "a N", stubble patrol, kill backstroke etc., increase the inspection frequency, five years, the Autonomous Region Party committee to carry out the 12 round of inspections, to achieve 213 full coverage of the patrol unit. A total of eight Party organizations were found in the implementation of the "two responsibilities", to comply with Party discipline, the implementation of the provisions of the spirit of the central provisions of the selection and employment, and other aspects of the problem, received a reflection of leading cadres (2815)相关的主题文章: