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Investing Trading the financial markets imply taking into consideration both technical and fundamental analysis. In this fast moving environment having one without the other makes no sense as sometimes fundamentals kick technicals with no mercy at all. And this is certainly the case these days when central banks are involved in all kind of programs meant to stimulate the weak economies all over the globe. Having a trading system of your own helps you be.e a more disciplined trader and discipline is key to success in this business. And I will not talk here about the automated trading systems out there on the markets, all those EA’s (expert advisors) that promise you huge returns for as little effort as possible, but I am talking about a trading system each trader should have. It should be based on the indicators used to analyze financial markets and .pleted with fundamental analysis. A system of your own would spare you about trying to understand why things go the way they do (sometimes markets make illogical moves and nobody has an explanation for them) and it should be based on historical back testing so that you know what should happen on specific technical conditions. A good trading system implies more than anything a constant reviewing of the same things over an over again. For example, firstly, when trying to prepare for the future trading week to .e, one should look over the economic calendar to see what important economic releases are scheduled (interest rate decisions, pmi’s, consumer confidence numbers, gdpgdp releases, unemployment data, etc) and the exact time of day they are released. Secondly, having the bigger picture in mind will always help a trader see things more clearly, so technical analysis on higher time frames at the beginning of the trading week is mandatory. Higher time frames will help identifying support and resistance areas when looking for possible turning points in price action. And last but not least, depending on the type of trader you are (scalper, swing trader, scaling into positions, etc), going on the smaller time frames, from the four hours chart and below, trying to stay with the market using your own set of indicators. All this, can be called a trading system one should have, and again, the system is more likely to give great results as it is being used properly, because the major reason why trading system fail is human nature, namely second guessing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: